I’ve spent many years on the comic convention scene and invested a lot of money into small press during that time, as well as scoring some amazing sketches along the way. As the convention scene started to explode toward the end of the noughties (is that even a word?) and we moved from half a dozen to nearly triple figures in terms of events, I got involved with more and more people. A rare and beautiful opportunity at the first London Super Comic Convention saw me sitting in a hotel room with Stan Lee and a very small selection of like minded individuals for a personal meet and greet. It was one of these individuals that inspired me to launch Fly Comics by simply proving that if you wanted to do something, just bloody well get on and do it.

As ever though, I thought too big. Delusions of massive ongoing series started and I invested all my time into one series, not realising the cost or time impact this has. I started to challenge myself to write shorter stories, 1 page, 2 page, 4 page and so on to better hone my writing skills. These of course turned into the two anthology series, World 3 and Timeworn Tales, both of which have been much more fun to produce.

A great friendship with Jatinder provided more opportunity to write and some headroom to pick up a pencil again after many years and start doodling. It’s been liberating to look at comic book artwork and see things from an artists perspective. I’m realistic – being a professional comic book writer/artist will never happen, but in many respects this too is liberating as it means I can continue to enjoy the medium I have been absorbed in since the 1970s without it becoming a burden.

Please feel free to stop and chat at a convention, I do enjoy people’s stories and experiences, and if you do, consider supporting independent comics, whether mine or others, and help shape the future of comics yourself.

Take care.

Meeting Stan Lee in person!