At school achieved a Grade 4 CSE (Certificate of Secondary Education) in Art. At Polytechnic, contributed to the student Magazine and worked in on a few fan projects, then stopped drawing for 20 years or so. In recent years. Started drawing again around 2010, in 2014 did a two page comic strip written by Stu Perrins. Since then a self-published Art of JSG sketchbook, various strips for Lucky Comics and Fly comics. Books recently available online and inprint…: Timeworn Tales of Torment and Terror TOO, Published by Fly comics. Contributors, Neil Sambrook, Writer/Artist, Logan Makwana (Writer)Jatinder (Writer and Artist) Robin Hood = Medieval Times , Published by Lucky comics, Contributors Jatinder (Writer and Artist), John Michael Helmer (Editor/ Publisher), Michael Waggoner (Editor) Future projects : Robin Hood Story Writer by veteran writer James D Hudnall, art by me, published by Lucky Comics. Jan 2017 Achieved a Diploma in Cartoon art, passed with distinction. Jatinder Lives in Birmingham, with his Wife two Sons and a Dog.